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It is with great pleasure that we can announce the long awaited Re-Opening of The Wellness Centre (Castle Quay) on June 12th 2020!

As of Monday June 1st, we are once again taking bookings… :)

It has been FAR TOO LONG… and we have missed you all…!

The last couple of months has been incredibly difficult for everyone, and extremely challenging for most if not all businesses. We have all sat in disbelief and watched the world change before our very eyes. People have lost their lives and/or livelihoods, and old norms have been replaced with new ones. Every person on Planet Earth (old/young, rich/poor, healthy or infirmed) has been touched in some way by this Pandemic. It has been a time for most to feel a swirling cacophony of emotions ranging from anger…empathy…despair…fear & sadness. Rest assured everyone’s experience of this pandemic may have been similar… but everyone’s exposure (physical, mental, financial) will also have been completely different. It has been a time for us all to analyse and reflect on life, but also an opportunity going forward for us all to make positive changes.

It is important to remember that there have also been a few positive ‘Silver Linings‘ in the midst of all the chaos. Pollution globally has been reduced significantly… Nature has been giving a fighting chance… More people are exercising i.e. (walking, cycling, etc.) than ever before… and many are starting to live healthier and more sustainable lives … In many ways going forwards, we as individuals and the world at large have been given an opportunity to re-imagine ourselves, to shake free from any physical, mental, and emotional shackles which may have been preventing us from achieving our better selves. Just like software e.g. (Windows, MAC OS, etc.) that updates and improves itself over time, we all have the ability to do the same and improve our emotional, mental, and physical Operating Systems… Think of it as YOU – 2.0…!

Our Team at The Wellness Centre (Castle Quay) are ready to do the same and are planning to offer even more for our customers..! Whether it’s Chiropractic, Counselling (Psychology) Services, Float SPA, Massage, Medical Aesthetics, Nutrition, Yoga & Pilates, we are here and ready to help you achieve your health goals whenever you are…!

To show all our clients exactly how much we have missed you we have a special Re-Opening Offer of  ‘Buy 1 Treatment… Get 50% off your next Treatment’ (one purchase per client) on most of our services during the months of June & July. Whether you need an extra Chiropractic treatment or some much needed Massage, we are here to help.

We are very much looking forwards to seeing you, your friends and family at The Wellness Centre (Castle Quay) again soon. 


TWC (Team - 1.0) 2019

We want to reassure all our Clients & Patients that we follow strict Health & Safety Protocols to keep us all safe from COVID-19. You can read more about these measures by following this link (

We are ready to Welcome You Back… Your Custom Matters!

Call 633060 Today or Click Here to Book Your Next Appointment…

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