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Full of energy, pain free, happy healthy, in control of your life... At The Wellness Centre (Castle Quay) we offer a range of services to help you achieve your health goals and be your best.

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The Wellness Centre (Castle Quay)

Our Services

We offer a number of services, therapies, and amenities to suit your needs:

Tour our website and then contact our office to schedule your appointment.

What is True Wellness?

Most of us have heard the word ‘Wellness’ used in different contexts in recent years, but what does it actually mean…? Is it an emotion or a feeling…? Is it a place…? Is it something that can be found or achieved…?

The truth is that wellness means different things to different people. Medically it is defined as: health & freedom from disease. But surely wellness can’t simply just be the absence of disease…
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The Wellness Centre (Castle Quay)
Phone: 01534 633060