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We Are Ready To Welcome You Back!

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After two long months of being closed, the Team at The Wellness Centre (Castle Quay) are really excited to announce that we will be reopening and taking bookings from PHASE 2 of the Jersey’s ‘Safe Exit Strategy’. The past 8 weeks have given us plenty of time to plan the reopening of our Centre both in terms of the most stringent Health & Safety measures, but also some fabulous News & Offers that will be announced over the coming weeks.

Safety First..!

As a ‘Health & Wellness Centre’ our upmost priority is the Health & Safety of our Clients, Patients and Team. We are following all recommended social distancing guidelines and measures to ensure a clean, stress-free environment for everyone, and in addition to our normal high level of Health & Safety Procedures we have implemented the following measures to keep us all safe from COVID-19:.

What we are doing to keep you safe…

  1. Pre-screening of Clients/Patients over the phone.
  2. Increased time between Client/Patient bookings to allow for disinfection of all therapy rooms, and equipment used between treatments.
  3. Gradual re-introduction of services offered based on infection risk.
  4. Online Client/Patient Registration forms.
  5. Strict disinfection schedule of all communal areas of the centre.
  6. Removing magazines, toys and other difficult to clean items.
  7. Hand sanitizer provided on entry to the centre.
  8. Wearing face masks and disposable aprons (where applicable).
  9. Removal of all ‘soft materials’ that may pose an infection risk and using disposable covers for the massage tables.

What you can do to help…

  1. On arrival to our centre, please wait in the ‘Chart Room’ until your Chiropractor or Therapist invites you in.
  2. If possible, please wear a face mask when entering the centre.
  3. Please use the hand sanitiser provided.
  4. To follow guidelines of ‘single use’ of soft materials, we ask that our massage clients bring their own towel to cover themselves during the treatment for their comfort.
  5. We are not currently accepting ‘cash’ or ‘cheque’ payments. Payments can be made by credit card or online BACS payments.
  6. Unless necessary for personal assistance, we ask that clients are not accompanied when visiting the centre.

Until we officially open our doors again, our team are still here to help. Should you wish to speak to us, our Reception Team are available Monday – Friday (10 a.m. – 4 p.m.) As ‘Essential Workers’ our Chiropractic Team is available to give advice over the phone, and to treat Emergency New Patients or existing patients with an Acute flare up. Additionally our Clinical Psychologist (Dr. Nicola Brandaro) is available to offer all clients online consultations and follow-up sessions.

 We are ready to Welcome you back..!

The Wellness Centre (Castle Quay) Management have the upmost confidence that we can provide our Clients, Patients and Team with a safe environment in which our services can once again be offered.

Thank you for putting your trust in us.

We have missed you and can’t wait to see you in person..!

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