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The Wellness Studio

Woman doing Pilates with an exercise ball. The Wellness Studio at Castle Quay is a peaceful and inspiring environment with wood style flooring, floor to ceiling mirrors, air conditioning and adjustable lighting. The industrial exposed ceiling in the Studio is in keeping with The Wellness Centre’s contemporary style and lends an unusual twist to this space.

Classes at The Wellness Studio will be kept small to ensure that all attendees received ample attention and encouragement in a group environment. We also offer ‘one to one’ sessions for those who require specialist tuition, or just prefer practicing on their own. All equipment needed for a class is included in the tuition price, however, should one prefer to bring their own this is also possible. Our great Team at The Wellness Centre (Castle Quay) offer Pilates classes, Yoga and Yoga Therapy. The Wellness Studio is also used for our educational and inspirational seminars such as Mindfulness classes by both the Team at The Wellness Centre (Castle Quay) and Guest Lecturers.

2019 Summer Schedule

Pilates (Shefa)

Man doing PilatesOur Pilates classes focus on developing strength through the core of the body (back, shoulders, abdomen and hips). This provides a foundation to continue working and exercising the rest of the body. The concentration is not only on strength but also on flexibility and coordination. As Pilates both strengthens and aids flexibility, it can also be used to help people with poor mobility, muscular pain and injury rehabilitation. Shefa teaches Pilates for beginners, intermediates and more advanced students. For more information please click here.


 Dynamic Yoga & Kinetic Therapy (Henrietta)

Woman and man doing yogaIn Henrietta’s group classes you will learn Dynamic Yoga core techniques undertaken through a step-by-step (vinyasa krama) approach to yoga posture practice (asana), breathing (pranayama) and movement (ullola). Dynamic Yoga teaches you to
release tension in any yoga pose, relieving stress, while still maintaining the necessary muscular effort to maintain flow, good posture and good alignment. Muscles are toned, joints are mobilized, heat is generated and at times the cardiovascular system is challenged. It is suitable for beginners as well as more experienced students and can be practiced side by side.

Private classes are usually taught one to one, whether it be because you are new to yoga and prefer to practice in privacy before joining a group class, or because you would prefer to refine and/or deepen your practice, allowing you to progress at your own pace.

Core Strength Flow Yoga (Maryia)

This yoga core strength class is a creative, fun and flowing class with an emphasis on the “core” muscles running deep within the body. Using the breath and wave-like movements in order to enter and exit poses, this class will light you inside out leaving you energised yet relaxed for the day ahead. The level is beginner to intermediate (expect a challenge though!). 75 min £ 10.00/class

To book your space in this class, please text Maryia on 07700 790999 or send her a Facebook message by clicking Here.

To find out more about Maryia, please click Here.

Yin Yoga (Alastair – The ‘Yinster’)

Alastair holds a Yin Yoga class each Thursday evening, tailored to the needs of the dedicated Yin yogi or yogini, who enjoys a quiet practice at the end of the working day. As befits a deep Yin Yoga practice, poses are held in a relaxed manner for long periods, generally for up to five minutes’ duration, occasionally longer, making the class possibly a little too challenging for beginners. Specific tissues in the body (not just muscles, but also fascial tissue and ligaments) can be targeted through the range of poses offered by Alastair, for a challenging, but rewarding, release of physical tension and accompanying blissful stillness of mind. 90 min £ 12.00/class.

To book your space in this class or for more information, please contact Alastair direct via email –

To find out more about Alastair, please click Here.


Prior to participating in private or group sessions each new participant must register with the Centre and complete a Health Declaration Form. This process ensures that our Team is fully aware of each individual’s health goals, existing medical conditions, and that any exercise undertaken is appropriate for each individual.

N.B. – The above registration process is not required for any existing patients of the ‘Jersey Chiropractic Centre’, but may be performed should the client/patient request or require it at a later stage.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga (Megan)

This is a full-body nourishing Vinyasa Flow Yoga class. Expect to move your entire body and breathe your deepest breaths as you flow through a challenging yet rewarding sequence incorporating deep stretches with strengthening postures, before winding down to a well deserved relaxation.’ 60 min £ 10/class

To book this class please email or text/whatsapp 07797782392

To find out more about Megan, please click Here.