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Personal Training

We have carefully selected our experienced and well qualified Personal Trainers to focus on one thing – getting YOU the safest and best results possible.

Our Personal Trainers (Linda & Louise) can work with you either individually (1:1) or in small groups and focus on proper execution of your personalised exercise plan to optimise your exercise time and results.

In the process, you’ll learn the most effective methods for reaching your goals, whether you are recovering from injury, wish to improve your strength, fitness and mobility, or are training for a specific event. This allows you to achieve faster, more efficient results in a safe environment. And, as you’ll be working in our private Wellness Studio, you’ll never feel intimidated by having to workout in a crowded gym!


Benefits of Personal Training at the Wellness Centre:

ACCOUNTABILITY – Our PT’s provide Accountability & Motivation.

ADVICE – Our PT’s give advice to help you define and achieve your fitness goals.

EDUCATION – Our PT’s will educate you about the body and how it moves, helping you form good habits.

EFFICIENCY – Our PT’s design and deliver Workout times = Maximum results.

FOCUSED – Our PT’s provide specific instruction on correct technique.

QUALIFIED – Our PT’s are experienced & well qualified (specialising in TRX + Low impact & resistance training).

PRIVACY – Our PT’s provide specialised private instruction (1:1 or small groups only) in a beautifully designed & exclusive studio setting.

REHABILITATION – Our PT’s can follow specialised ‘Rehabilitation Plans’ designed by our Chiropractic Team to help make functional improvements for underlying bio-mechanical conditions.

TRAINING PLANS – Our PT’s provide personalised, progressive training plans to achieve optimal results.

Call us today on 633060 to discuss your needs and to book your 1st session.