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Join our Dynamic Yoga & Pilates Classes from Home!

pilates-logo-newThe Wellness Centre (Castle Quay) are offering ‘live streaming’ for some of our studio classes via Zoom! If you are tired of ‘sitting at home’ and would like to add some expertly, guided exercise to your daily routine without using your ‘2-hour daily free time’, this is your solution.

All you need is a Yoga/Pilates mat, and any other prop you deem necessary and a space not much larger than your mat placed on the floor. Treat yourself to some ‘me time’, pull on your work-out kit and join us from your lounge, garden or wherever it is you choose to exercise! Make sure you have water at hand and to let your family members know not to disturb you during the class.

Our available classed are: 

  • Dynamic Yoga 75 min (Henrietta Brice-Smith), Tuesdays @ 5.30 p.m.
Dynamic Yoga teaches you to release tension in any yoga pose, relieving stress, while still maintaining the necessary muscular effort to maintain flow, good posture and good alignment. Muscles are toned, joints are mobilized, heat is generated and at times the cardiovascular system is challenged. It is suitable for beginners as well as more experienced students.
  • Pilates 60 min (Shefa Hamid), Wednesdays @ 7.30 a.m
  • Pilates 60 min (Shefa Hamid), Saturdays @ 10 a.m.
Shefa’s Pilates classes focus on developing strength through the core of the body (back, shoulders, abdomen and hips). This provides a foundation to continue working and exercising the rest of the body. In this class you will gain both strength, flexibility and coordination.

For more information about our classes, please click Here.

For more information about Henrietta & Shefa, please click Here.

How it works:

If you would like to join a class, please email our team with your details by clicking Here. We will then reply back to you with an invitation to join our Zoom Meeting/Class and arrange for payment. Each class costs £ 7.00 to join.

To join the class, you will need either a smart phone, iPad or computer that is compatible with Zoom. A link to download the FREE, user-friendly Zoom App will be sent to you with your invitation together with full instructions and a passcode to join the class/s.

We look forwards to seeing you in class! 

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