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‘Subluxation Theory’

Subluxation theory is a current area of passionate and continuing debate, which is driving modern day research. It refers to a ‘historical and theoretical’ model of bio-mechanical dysfunction, which suggests that restriction, irritation, and/or inflammation at any ‘functional spinal unit’ may have far more reaching effects than just the production and/or perception of pain. Intimate links between the segmental spinal ‘nerve roots’ (which give rise to the spinal, sympathetic, and parasympathetic branches to muscles, visceral organs, etc.), and a subject’s body cannot be ignored. As such it has been hypothesized that dysfunction which occurs at a segmental level within the spine may contribute to other seemingly unrelated conditions e.g.(asthma, colic, dysmenorrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome, etc…) which receive a nerve supply from ‘nerve roots’ which originate from these specific levels within the spine.

Although we at the ‘Jersey Chiropractic Centre’ are regularly witness to such benefits we cannot suggest that we specifically treat conditions of this nature which have a ‘somato-visceral’ connection, until such time that ongoing research is able to scientifically support the above processes.

We request therefore that our patients and members of the public refer to the above in all instances where the word ‘Subluxation’ is noted within the pages of this website or any associated links. We advocate that visitors to our website do use their own judgement and form their own opinions, based on their experience/s of Chiropractic and any information provided within the pages of this and other websites.

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