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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of The Wellness Centre (Castle Quay) patient testimonials below and, if you have any questions, please call our office at 01534 633060 or send us an email.

Yours in Health,
The Wellness Centre (Castle Quay)


I found the staff to be very friendly and knowledgeable and I have enjoyed every visit I have had so far

˜ Gary D.

Very Satisfied

Jason was very thorough and explained everything to me. I was very satisfied with my first visit.

˜ Pili M.

Happy With Care And Service

I am really happy with the service and care that I received. I had 2 massages with Ewa which helped my back pain enormously. I also had a reflexology session with Suzanne which was amazing. I understood the objectives of the reflexology and Suzanne was very knowledgeable. I also had a chat with the chiropractor about my migraines and look forward to my appointment to explore the source of the pain and what treatments might be effective. All in all, I am very happy and will no doubt attend the center in future.

˜ Ana S.

First Class Ever

I attended for the first time for a yoga class-my first ever. All the staff were very pleasant and helpful, and totally put me at ease.

˜ Karen F.


Receptionist was friendly, patient and understanding. Suzanne the therapist was relaxed and friendly and gave a terrific massage. It took the pain away and I felt rejuvenated. I will be back, thank you very much.

˜ David S.

Effective Treatment

I was suffering from serious headaches and stress-related shoulder and neck pain. My doctor suggested that I arranged a series of deep tissue shoulder massages but I had no idea where to go for that treatment. Luckily an online search led me to the Wellness Centre and I made an appointment with Suzanne who was very professional and the treatment was very effective.

˜ Camelia L.

Good Experience

A good experience having a sore leg (sciatic nerve) massaged back to health in February/March – I was really encouraged when the lady said after two visits that no more were needed for the moment and there was no attempt to “sell” me into further treatment. Thank you.

˜ Simon C.

Relaxed Atmosphere

Lovely calm and relaxed atmosphere.

˜ Ben N.

Helpful Staff

Always a friendly atmosphere and helpful staff to meet you and make your visit worthwhile.

˜ Vannessa C.

Loved The Float Session!

I loved the float session! I couldn’t believe how relaxing it was.Completely managed to de-stress and almost fell asleep! I will definitely be back!

˜ Stef B.

Great Experience

Excellent staff and great experience. Have recommended the Float Spa to colleagues and friends and will be booking more sessions soon.

˜ Peter S.


I am very grateful to the staff for their help and care, during my visits.
˜ Michael M.

Very Pleased

I am personally very pleased with the treatment I have received during all my visits to the practice. Dr. Jason Donaldson has done an excellent job on my back. I would highly recommend your practice.

˜ Vashdev M.

Relaxing And Professional

The location was very relaxing and professional. The person I saw was knowledgeable and made me feel relaxed. I believe with her help I can overcome the issues that I am currently suffering.

˜ Mark C.

Thank God For Your Service!

I looked for a chiropractor as my state was so bad I didn’t know what else to do! I am changed! Thank God for your service!

˜ Julieta C.


I was a little apprehensive before my first visit, but the doctor soon had me feeling relaxed and explained everything in easy terms. I feel that they understand and will be able to help me feel better.

˜ Bronia M.

Professional Service

Very professional service, got straight down to business and achieved excellent results, will have no hesitation going back in the future if required and would thoroughly recommend it to family, friends and colleagues.

˜ Philip L.

Very Relaxing

Very relaxing environment right from the start. Having seen Andrea some years ago I was quick to contact her again when I started having pain. Would thoroughly recommend the Jersey Chiropractic Centre to anyone looking for a solution to their problem.

˜ Jeannine S.

Really Is Amazing

I went into the chiropractor a little dubious to be honest. I had 3 weeks of severe back pain, I wasn’t sleeping well and I was taking pain killers and anti-inflammatory tablets. The first session was an hour for the chiropractor to understand as to what had happened. I had torn a muscle in my lower back. The chiropractor used some ultrasound and did acupuncture on my back. Then did some exercise with both of my legs. The second time again some acupuncture and exercises. The third time the same but with more exercises for me to do at home. The fourth time I had gone for my appointment I went with no back ache and a good nights sleep before, it really was amazing. I again had acupuncture and exercises at my appointment and some more exercises to do at home.

I really must say that if I hadn’t gone to the chiropractor when I did I am sure I would still be signed off work and taking lots of tablets.

I always receive excellent treatment and advice in a warm and welcoming environment. A must for anyone who has a back pain. I will continue going at least once a month to keep myself strengthened in my back which will help me feel more secure in my well being.

˜ Stephanie K.

Thanks For Your Knowledge

Thanks to your knowledge, something else was detected totally irrelevant to the problem I was visiting a chiropractor for. Having detected this and going for an X-ray, you have enabled me to prolong my life. Massive thank you.

˜ Melanie B.

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