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Oncology Massage by April Marques


As a Breast Cancer Survivor and a passionate believer in the benefits of Massage, I have for some time wanted to study Oncology Massage. Recently, to my delight, this was made possible due to my ‘down time’ during the Jersey ‘lock-down’.

If you or a loved one is or have lived with cancer, you will know that it is an extremely challenging and, in many ways, a powerful life changing experience. According to Cancer Research UK, the main reason people affected by cancer seek out massage treatment is because it helps them to feel better. Clients report that massage help to lift their mood, improve sleep and enhance their overall wellbeing. Oncology Massage whilst being extremely beneficial for people with cancer, can also benefit people in good health as it is promoted as a natural way to relax and cope with stress, anxiety, headaches and specially pain.

Whilst employing these new massage techniques, I can adapt my current services to safely offer massage therapy to clients with special needs in relation to cancer. This restorative treatment utilize a lighter touch that stimulates lymphatic drainage and helps with the removal of metabolic waste. Oncology Massage could be of great benefit for clients who present with a history of Cancer (currently undergoing or post treatment) and for clients suffering from lymphoedema.

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What to Expect…

On your first visit, you will be asked some general questions about your health, lifestyle, and medical history. We may ask you to speak to your GP and/or Oncologist beforehand, if there are concerns that the massage could interfere with your medical treatment. In general, it is rare that your doctor will say no, but as always our priority is for the requested treatment to be suitable for you and for you to be reassured. Each massage treatment is uniquely tailored to the client, taking into consideration health history, current medical care, and phase of cancer treatment.

You will receive a gentle, compassionate, soothing, and supporting touch. The depth of the treatment will be to the comfort of the client and can vary from light to medium pressure.

For clients without specific needs due to cancer, Oncology Massage will provide all the benefits that manual lymphatic drainage massage has to offer.

If you would like to book an appointment with April or would like to discuss your treatment needs before making an appointment, please call us on 633060 or Click Here to Send us a Message.

By April Marques – Massage Therapist

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