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New Year, New You, New Team Member & a Very Special Offer...

Sport Physiotherapist Manual Massage And Shoulder Physiotherapy

The Team at The Wellness Centre (Castle Quay) are really excited to welcome a new member to the team in January 2023.

Jo Taylor

Sports Massage Therapist & McTimoney Animal Chiro MSc.

Jo photoJo qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist in 2022, having completed the level 3 Sports Therapy Course led locally by Ciara Ahearn. However, Jo’s professional journey in caring for humans (and animals) started already in 2005 when she commenced an undergraduate Sports Science degree in the Midlands.

As well as her career as a Sports Massage Therapist, Jo is also Jersey’s only Chiropractor qualified and devoted to treating animals. She gained a Master’s qualification in 2014 at the McTimoney Chiropractic College in Abigdon (UK). Whilst studying McTimoney Chiropractic, she was also working at a reputable equine hospital and referral centre in Berkshire (UK) and had at that stage already completed a course in equine massage.

Working with animals who communicate in their own fashion, diagnosis is accomplished by assessing both dynamic and static observations, as well as through skilled palpation. After many years of practice, Jo is now transferring this well of knowledge and skill to her human practice. Each client is assessed both according to the history shared by the client, and importantly by Jo’s extensive knowledge of correct movement, posture alignment and ‘hands-on’ experience.  Jo often describes her work as putting ‘pieces of the puzzle’ together, as she strives to identify the core and cause of each injury and/or problem, rather than just rectifying the symptoms. Through her work, Jo regularly supports several local Triathletes and Runners who understand that regular massage therapy enables them to get the best function from their musculoskeletal system and therefore reach peak performance.

Introductory Offer

sports massage relief

Most therapists will agree that providing treatment is not a case of a ‘quick-fix’ or ‘waving a magic wand’. Combining the ethos of identifying the core of the presenting problem/s as well as supporting the body’s journey to recovery, Jo is offering her clients an exciting introduction to her specialised care:

Introductory Treatment Package £ 156 (usually approx. £ 270, t’s & c’s apply)

  • 1 x Sports Massage Consultation + Treatment (60 minutes) included.
  • 2 x Sports Massage Treatments (45 – 60 minutes / session) included.
  • 1 x f l o a t  S P A Session (60 minutes) included.

This introductory treatment package will allow Jo to fully assess and treat each client as well as offering a fantastic discount on her care. At the end of this treatment course each client will be certain to feel the benefits of Jo’s amazing therapy.

Call 633060 today (or Click Here) to book an appointment with Jo and start your journey this New Year to a New You..!

To find out more about Jo, please Click Here.


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