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Credit, Payment & Private Medical Insurance Policies

We operate a ‘Pay as you Go’ Policy for clients and patients that do not have Private Medical Insurance or who do not wish to submit a claim.

All credit (Lifestyle Plans, Packages, Pre-Payments) (if not agreed differently in writing) have a 6-month validity from the date of payment after which time it will expire.

Credit on an account may be transferred to another account if a request is made in writing. Credit on an account may be used for any service provided at The Wellness Centre (Castle Quay) and is non-practitioner specific. We do not guarantee the services of a specific therapist in relation to pre-paid Plans, Packages and Gift Vouchers. If a service can be provided ‘in-house’ by another therapist/s, a refund will not be guaranteed if a specific practitioner or therapist is unavailable.

Gift Voucher Policy

Regular Gift Vouchers expire 6 months from purchase date.

Loyalty Card Policy

Our loyalty card scheme is available for the following services: Massage, & Reflexology. Only one loyalty card can be used per type and length of service. Expiry date is six months from date of issue.

Lifestyle Plans

All Lifestyle Plans are payable monthly in advance by Direct Debit. The Chiropractic Lifestyle Plan will become available to Patient Members once their initial Chiropractic treatment phase has been completed.

Emergency Care treatment refers to treatment that may be required outside of a prescribed treatment plan due to an unforeseen relapse and/or injury and is subject to your Practitioners diagnosis and discretion. Terms & Conditions may be subject to change without notice. Please be aware that some Private Medical Insurance schemes do not pay for Maintenance Chiropractic care.

Private Medical Insurance Notice

Our practitioners are covered by most major Private Medical Insurance companies. To ensure that your claim will be accepted please contact your Insurance Company in advance for directions and pre-authorisation. Should you wish for us to submit your claim directly to your insurance company, please complete our Private Medical Insurance Policy & Personal Details Form with all details requested. Please note:

  • A £ 20.00 admin fee (per claim) is applicable and payable in advance; and
  • Settlement of any outstanding amounts is ultimately the responsibility of the patient.

We reserve the right to review and increase Fees and amend our Payment & Credit Policy at any time giving Clients and Patients 30 days’ notice.


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