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The Wellness Centre (Castle Quay) Corporate Pricing

person holding out hand for handshakeOur corporate pricing offers employees of partnered businesses, preferential rates and discounts for a wide range of health & wellness services & therapies, giving them access to more affordable care.

By partnering your company with The Wellness Centre (Castle Quay) as your preferred ‘go to’ establishment, we will in return give your employees:

Chiropractic Care

  • Free Spinal Health Checks (MyoVision + PostureScreen)
  • 25% Off Consultations (History + Examination)
  • 20% Off WorkStation Assessments
  • 10% Off Chiropractic Treatments

Complementary Therapies

  • 20% Off Massage Therapy
  • 20% Off Sports Therapy
  • 20% Off Reflexology

Float Spa Therapy

  • 50% Off Floatation Therapy
  • Float effortlessly in warm water saturated with over 300kg of Epsom Salts
  • Deep Physical & Mental Relaxation (1 hour=4+ hours deep sleep)


We’re Here to Help

If you would like our dedicated corporate wellness team to contact you to discuss how we can help your business implement a corporate wellness program tailored to your needs, contact us today!

The Wellness Centre (Castle Quay) Corporate Pricing | 01534 633060