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Yin Yoga – Two Hour Taster / Refresher Workshop

yin yoga imageThis two hour Yin Yoga ‘Taster & Refresher’ workshop includes a mixture of both theory and practice of Yin Yoga, touching on themes explored more comprehensively in our six week introductory course. Participants will gain a basic understanding of the fundamentals of a Yin based approach to Yoga, which is then put into a one hour exploratory practice.

The theory section of the workshop will briefly cover:

  • How Yin Yoga is differentiated from other forms of yoga, and what its benefits are
  • Why Yin Yoga is taught functionally, rather than aesthetically
  • How to differentiate between tension and compression in the body, and why this matters during our practice
  • What the Seven Archetypal Poses are, and how to adapt them to your body’s unique needs

The subsequent practice will allow participants to put some of the theory learned to good use in an informed yoga pose (asana) sequence.

yin yoga

It is expected that the workshop will appeal to those who have never done any yoga practice but would like to learn from a solid theoretical base, as well as more experienced yogis who may be curious to learn a new style of yoga practice, which may complement what they already do.