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Where There's A Will

Emma & WillMany of the Chiropractic Patients and Clients of The Wellness Centre (Castle Quay) will have met our fantastic Chiropractic Associate Emma Ross. Emma has been working with our Team for many years helping both our human and animal patients.

Where There’s A Will, is a charity appeal set up to help Emma’s husband Will, whom suffered a devastating and life changing accident on Monday 29th of October, which led him to have multiple spinal fractures and spinal cord injuries. 

Will was flown from his home in Jersey to England that evening for emergency treatment, but after 6 hours of surgery he still has no feeling from the chest down. He has been told it is unlikely he will ever regain the use of his legs.

Will is an amazing, gentle natured, kind and caring person who is always the first to offer help to friends and family and he is loved by many. He is also wonderful husband to Emma and doting father to their baby Florence.

Will & FlorenceWill is currently working hard at the spinal rehabilitation hospital  in the UK to learn how to adjust to his new way of life. Some of the money raised through the charity will be going towards buying Will a specialised wheelchair that will allow him to be in a standing position for periods of time.

Should you wish to help Will and Emma in their path to recovery, we will be selling Raffle Tickets at The Wellness Centre (Castle Quay) with all proceeds going to the Where There’s A Will Charity. The Tickets are £ 5.00 each and will be available from the 26th of November with the prize draw taking place at the Royal Pub in St Martin on the 15th of December from 2.30 pm. 

Thanks to amazing donations, the top prize is £1000 cash and there are over 80 prizes to be won with a total worth of over £7000.
For more information please visit the Where There’s A Will Website or Facebook Page.
On behalf of Will and Emma, we thank you for all your kind thoughts, well wishes and help.

Where There's A Will

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