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Therapeutic Ultrasonic Massage

bigstock-Digital-composite-of-Highlight-95338790Therapeutic Ultrasonic Massage is aimed at individuals whom are suffering from tight and very tender muscles or whom are suffering with or recovering from a specific injury. The benefits one can gain from the Therapeutic Ultrasonic Massage varies from general muscle relaxation and resolution of ‘knots’ in the muscles to specific injury treatments such as sprains and strains of muscles, ligaments and tendons.

A Painless Treatment Option

A ‘Trigger Point’, is a small locally contracted muscle spasm. When Trigger points are present there is usually a palpable taught band present in the associated muscle/s and a hard nodule or “knot” can be felt. Pain is usually highly localized, which develops most often when a muscle is overworked or injured. Trigger Points are however responsible for many ‘pain referral syndromes’, which can be re-produced when deep pressure is applied to them. Additionally Trigger Points are caused by the over use and/or repetitive strain of a muscle. For example people with desk jobs, are always looking down for a long period of time and this forces the muscles in their neck and upper back to remain contracted to support their head all day long without rest. Overuse of these muscles then causes tension, stiffness, and ultimately Trigger Points to develop.

Combining Both Effective Techniques Massage and Therapeutic Ultrasound

Trigger points are often treated by Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and Physiotherapists by applying deep pressure to the areas of pain. Deep pressure “milks” the trigger point by pushing blood and toxins out of the area (much like squeezing out a sponge), and although this method is effective it can also be rather painful.

A less invasive and painless treatment option is Therapeutic Ultrasound which neutralizes pain mediators by bombarding the injured tissues with waves of ultrasound. These ultrasound waves cause vibration and/or friction to develop within the muscle fibres and layers thereby increasing the circulation in the painful area and causing other changes that result in decreased inflammation within the affected tissues. Simple…

At The Wellness Centre (Castle Quay) we have designed an alternative very effective treatment combining the very effective techniques of both Massage and Therapeutic Ultrasound in one incredibly effective and therapeutic Ultrasonic Massage..!

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