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REN – Clean Matters

rent-in-useREN pioneered clean. Because REN believes that clean matters – for skin, for ingredients, for product innovation, for sourcing, for packaging and for life. REN products are founded on clean, potent active ingredients that deliver as good or better results than synthetic chemical based products, but without the negatives.

Rec Moroccan Rose‘Clean Matters’ relates to product purity and highlights that REN uses only the purest, most efficacious ingredients. REN’s clean formulas work with your skin by helping it perform at its best and deliver genuine results. Specially formulated to balance out any potential negative effects, these natural actives replicate and often exceed the results of harsh chemical formulas without the drawbacks.

‘Clean Matters’ also communicates the pleasure of clean – the joy of sensual textures and effective formulas that stimulate the senses and create a lasting sense of wellbeing without the trade-off.

Live Clean.
Bare all.

That has always been the
REN philosophy.
As much for life as it is for skincare. Nothing unnecessary – just the pure and pleasurable.
Clean, skin compatible ingredients that work.

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