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REN Products in Jersey


Live Clean. Bare all.

This is the REN philosophy. Pure & pleasurable products with clean, skin compatible ingredients that work.

REN Skincare is a modern, high performance skincare range with clinically proven results: free from potentially skin irritating ingredients, while still pleasurable to use. REN’s philosophy can be summed up in just three words:

PERFORMANCE – ground-breaking product formulation, hi-tech actives, clinically proved results.

PURITY – 100% Natural and Mineral derived actives free from skin-unfriendly synthetic ingredients.

PLEASURE – good for you, good for the environment.

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Facial Ranges:

Rosa Centifolia Products

Rosa Centifolia™ – Cleansers

A range of cleansers based on 100% natural Rosa Centifolia extract to cleanse, purify and refresh the skin. The properties of these active ingredients protect the capillary system. REN cleansers are free from sulphates or harsh detergents. The essential basis of any cleansing skincare routine.

Prices from £13.20

Vita Mineral Range Products

Vita Mineral™ Range – Optimal Hydration for each area of the Face

The Vita Mineral™ range is formulated to hydrate, nourish and replenish the skin, with vitamins and minerals essential to skin’s vitality. The face, lips and eye contour are more radiant, supple and toned.

Prices from £8.75

Evercalm™ Range – The Solution for Sensitive Skin

The EVERCALM™ range is specifically designed for sensitive skin, to train the skin to be less sensitive and regulate the immune response, thus reducing the risk of chronic irritation responsible for premature ageing.

EVERCALM™ is a clinically proven anti-redness treatment which incorporates the latest innovation in skin immunology as well as powerful anti-oxidants to calm, repair, protect and detoxify sensitive and reactive skin.

Prices from £14.88

Evercalm Range Products

Did you know…?
Sensitive and reactive skin has a genetically overexpressed immune response resulting in redness and a defensive cell renewal which is abnormally fast, leading to dry/rough skin. Interleukins are receptors of the inflammatory response and controlling them is key to a calmer, supple, more youthful looking skin.

Clarimatte™ Range – The Solution for Combination Skin

A range designed to normalize excess sebum in combination skin without harshness. A unique bio technology combines the activity of two vegetal extracts in order to control sebum excess and eliminate the bacteria that causes skin imperfections.

EVERCALM™ is a clinically proven anti-redness treatment which incorporates the latest innovation in skin immunology as well as powerful anti-oxidants to calm, repair, protect and detoxify sensitive and reactive skin.

Prices from £13.13

Clarimatte Products

Did you know…?
Sebum plays an essential role on the surface of the skin; it is necessary for the transportation of nutrients and for the protective skin barrier function. When there is excess sebum, it congests the skin and creates and unpleasant shine. The congestion of the T-Zone is often a sign of dehydration on the surface of the face leading to redness, tightness and uncomfortable skin. Improving sebum distribution is the secret to mattified and hydrated skin.

Clearcalm 3 Range – The Solution for Blemished Skin

The CLEARCALM 3 system combats the 3 causes of acne and reduces the associated inflammation without irritation.

Prices from £13.13

Sensitive Kit of REN Products

Did you know…?

Acne is a combination of three factors which contribute to the congestion and inflammation of sebum-producing sebaceous glands: bacterial colonisation, keratin build-up and excess sebum relating to hormonal imbalance. Blemished skin is skin that is sensitive to harsh detergents and alcohol based solutions which focus more on mattifying than reducing the inflammation. Calming blemished skin is the right approach.

Rose O12 Moisture Defence Oil & Ultra Moisture Day Cream – The Solution for Dry Skin

A duo formulated to provide dry skin with an ultra-hydrating shield. It restores the lipid content, while ensuring healthy cell renewal & a strong protective barrier. A combination of hyaluronic acid and a lipid complex restore the extra cellular matrix of the epidermis, for a smoother and more luminous skin surface. ‘A second skin for dry skin’.

Prices from £25.38


Did you know…?
Lipids produced by our epidermis are essential for cell cohesion, the cement of the skin barrier. Low lipid content makes skin porous and vulnerable to environmental aggressors, in particular bacteria.


Anti-Ageing Program – Skin Technology adapted
to all ages

REN offers an anti-ageing technology for each age group. Each selected active originates from Bio Science, and stimulates targeted skin cellular processes.

Keep Young And Beautiful™ Range – A lifting & firming technology suitable for all ages

The KEEP YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL™ line was designed to firm and lift the skin, giving it a more youthful, firmer and smoother appearance. In just 30 minutes, the skin is lifted thanks to a unique Hyaluronan complex. In just 28 days, spectacular results on firmness is achieved due to unique Hexapeptide-11 technology derived from yeast fermentation.

Prices from £24.50

KYB Beauty Shot
KYB Serum

Did you know…?
The genes are the centre of the skin’s complex communication system. Our genes located at the heart of our cells carry a specific message, triggering numerous cellular processes. We call this ‘the genetic expression’. Yeast is a living organism that has helped medical research discover the secrets hidden within our genes. From this, we can then understand why yeast provides a variety of actives extremely compatible with the skin’s metabolism. A true green chemistry.

V-Cense™ Range – Anti-Ageing 30+

The V-CENSE™ range is designed to delay ageing and protect skin’s youth. V-CENSE™ actively protects, detoxifies and revitalizes skin that is stressed, showing first signs of ageing or is lacking vitality. It combats environmental aggressors such as sun and pollution.

Prices from £25.38

Boswellia Tree

Did you know…?
The resin found in the trunk of the Boswellia tree contains boswellic acid, which inhibits neuro-mediators responsible for muscle cell contraction and neurogenic-inflammation directly related to wrinkle depth. The relaxing scent of V-Cense day and night creams will remind you of this anti-wrinkle and anti-fatigue bio extract.

Bio Retinoid™ Range – Anti-Ageing 40+

The BIO RETINOID™ range is specifically designed to dramatically reduce lines and wrinkles and regenerate the skin through a double, revolutionary technology, providing retinol results without irritation. The skin is visibly smoother, healthy and more luminous and the appearance of wrinkles is reduced.

Prices from £38.50

Did you know…?
Telomeres are the ends of chromosomes and their function is to ensure that the duplication of the genetic message is correct and complete. Time and UV cause them irreversible shortening directly related to ageing. For a healthy skin renewal, it is essential to protect them.

Bio Retinoid Products

Sirtuin Phytohormone Replenishing Cream – Anti-Ageing 50+

Sirtuin Phytohormone Replenishing Cream is a global anti-aging day cream formulated to address signs of ageing relating to hormonal imbalance pre- and post- menopause. A natural hormone replacement therapy (HRT) combined with a unique technology that prolongs cell longevity to firm, remodel and replenish mature skin.

Prices from £38.50

Did you know…?
Calcium is a trace element which plays a key role in the duplication of our cells in the epidermis. A deficiency in calcium weakens the cell renewal and the barrier function. Skin is more sensitive and drier. A skin in menopause needs three times more calcium than a new-born. Therefore, a daily supplement of calcium is essential for the beauty of mature skin.

Anti Aging Ren Products

Radiance Program – A Glow and Radiance Program for Dull Complexions

A complete range designed to smooth the skin’s surface, boost vitality and radiance whilst correcting imperfections. A dull complexion is a sign of ageing. An intensive cleanse, a regular exfoliation and an optimum energy supply are essential for a smoother more luminous and even toned skin.

Prices from £17.50

Did you know…?
Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) regulate the thickness of the skin and reduce the cohesion between the dead cells in the stratum corneum. They are involved in desquamation of the skin and healthy renewal. AHA is naturally contained in tropical fruits, allowing for the decongestion of combination to oily skin without irritation, while attracting water components to the surface of the skin, helping to hydrate and smooth dry skin.

REN Radiance

Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial – The end of grey complexions

Flash Rinse Facial

A transforming treatment that instantly revitalizes and visibly rejuvenates the skin. Formulated with potent water-activated Vitamin C (10%) it will neutralize urban grey in a flash, leaving skin looking firm, toned and smoothed, while reducing the signs of fatigue, photo-ageing and skin imperfections. Skin instantly glows with renewed health and radiance. A facial care product this is innovative and unique!

Prices from £28.00

Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist

A fine mist that instantly shields and protects the skin from the ageing effects of harmful free radicals and environmental pollution. It helps to strengthen the skin’s natural defences against oxidative stress, boosting the skin’s ability to detoxify. It neutralises urban grey and combats signs of fatigue on the skin.

Prices from £21.00

Did you know…?
Pollution damage is the second largest extrinsic cause of ageing after UV damage. A recent study discovered a direct link between airborne particulate matter exposure and the occurrence of skin ageing, particularly pigmentation spots and wrinkles.

Flash Defence Pack

Flash Hydro-Boost Instant Plumping Emulsion

A water-charging hydration booster designed to work in harmony with the skin, to prevent the ageing effects of dehydration. Hyaluronic acid and Xylitol maximize moisture levels by helping to draw in water, locking it into the skin for an instant plumping effect. Long term use helps to reduce fine lines and prevent water loss from the skin.

Water is truly the skin’s elixir of youth – a most essential anti-ageing active! REN Proven Results show a 9.6 % increase in skin hydration after 30 minutes of applying Flash Hydro-Boost Instant Plumping Emulsion, and a 13.6% increase in hydration after 14 days of use.

Prices from £29.75

Did you know…?
Water is truly the skin’s elixir of youth – a most essential anti-ageing active! REN Proven Results show a 9.6 % increase in skin hydration after 30 minutes of applying Flash Hydro-Boost Instant Plumping Emulsion, and a 13.6% increase in hydration after 14 days of use.

Flash HB

Body Ranges:

Rec Moroccan Rose

Moroccan Rose Body Range – Luxury with the subtle fragrance of Rose

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” (Romeo and Juliet). Well Juliet, except if it was made from a blend of phthalates, benzoates and over 80 synthetic chemicals that pretend to be a rose. At REN, they only use genuine rose oil pressed from 1,000’s of rose petals. Would you believe that in the Moroccan Rose Bath Oil they use over 10,000 rose petals? Yes, 10,000, which is rather a lot. And if you bear in mind that rose oil is more expensive than gold you have to ask, “why do they bother?” Well, have you smelt genuine rose oil? It is addictive, pure and harmonious, which synthetic fragrances can never duplicate. It heals your skin, your heart and your mind. It is the beauty and power of nature distilled in a truly magical liquid. Try it and you will never be able to go back to synthetic fragrance again.

Moroccan Rose Products

The new rose has arrived…

The rose oil REN uses comes from El Kelaa, on the edge of the desert in the Dadès Valley in Southern Morocco. The roses are harvested at dawn in May and are distilled that same day. The variety of rose is Rosa Damascena Mill, which gives a sweet, floral, feminine note that is utterly charming and beguiling.

Prices from £16.62

Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Body Range – Energise Skin & Mind

Modern life is lived at an increasingly accelerated pace: though it presents a wealth of opportunities, the pressure to keep up takes its toll on our bodies & our minds.

Modern life is also not on our side: environmental aggressors, modern medicine, modern diets – and even sweating from exercise – can deplete our bodies of essential magnesium, leaving us tired & stressed.

Atlantic Kelp Products

REN believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise. The new Atlantic Kelp & Magnesium range uses Clean Science to harness the power of natural actives, delivering essential magnesium to refresh & awaken both sluggish skin and sluggish senses.

Prices from £14.00

Did you know…?
Involved in over 300 biochemical functions in the body, Magnesium is used to create “energy” in your skin by activating adenosine triphosphate, also known as ATP. This means that without enough Magnesium, the skin doesn’t have the energy it needs and can suffer from fatigue more easily. Decreased nutrient consumption, a lower nutrient absorption, and stress lowers the level of Magnesium in the skin, accelerating ageing by causing a decrease in blood flow, reducing skin’s immunity, elasticity and firmness and disrupting the skin barrier protection systems.


Neroli REN Duo

Neroli And Grapefruit Body Wash

A refreshing and invigorating body wash formulated with Neroli Oil distilled from Tunisian Orange Blossom and cold pressed Grapefruit Oil.

Prices from £14.88

Neroli And Grapefruit Body Cream

A deeply hydrating body cream that will leave skin soft, silky and looking beautifully healthy.

Prices from £17.50

REN Perfect Canvas Products

Perfect Canvas – The Ultimate Skin Perfecting Serum

Full of bio-actives this SILICONE-FREE SERUM is perfect to use after moisturiser. The skin is smoothed, lifted and naturally filled, resulting in a matte finish and creating the perfect canvas upon which to apply make-up.

Prices from £43.75