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Back vs. Health Problems

Do you have a BACK problem?

Or do you have a HEALTH problem?

Did you know that Chiropractors treat more than just backs…? Chiropractors are highly trained ‘Primary Healthcare Providers’ whom specialise in the treatment of many other conditions i.e. (neck pain, headaches & migraines to shoulder & sports injuries). However, many people do not realise that often what at first glance appears to be a BACK problem, may indeed actually be a HEALTH problem..!

Everyone, and every living thing on this planet has an innate ability to heal itself. However, often in our busy lives we can develop ‘roadblocks’ to this healing process. Physical, chemical, emotional stress and /or injury can cause a whole host of problems to develop. These roadblocks can if left untreated often lead to the development of a cascading process termed as the ‘Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC)’. As Chiropractors it is our role simply to identify where these interferences are and remove them using gentle tried & tested adjustive techniques.



1. Vertebral segment/s of the spine begin to lose their normal range of motion and/or become fixated.
2. Restricted segments (fixations) in turn begin to prevent the normal functioning of the associated Vertebral Spinal Unit (VSU).
3. Surrounding musculature becomes chronically tense and/or spastic, leading to the overproduction and pooling of lactic acid in the muscles which can cause generalised pain and further restriction to VSU.
4. Dysfunctional VSU causes spinal joints (Facet Joints) to become irritated and inflamed, causing sharp & localised pain.
5. Inflamed Facet Joints apply pressure and/or irritate closely lying spinal nerve roots which are highly sensitive.
6. Irritated nerve roots begin to refer pain to other areas/regions of the body causing a wide range of bio-mechanical pain syndromes.

Although not yet proven it is currently hypothesized and being researched to prove that the VSC may actually have much further reaching effects in the body than previously thought, which may significantly aggravate and/or contribute to the development of several other conditions of a somatovisceral nature e.g. (Asthma, Anxiety, Gastric Reflux, Sinusitis, IBS, etc.).. Like all things time will tell. Just because we may not presently have all the data and/or technology to measure the wider somatovisceral effects of the VSC does not mean that answers to the above questions will not be discovered in the not too distant future.


image-09893In recent years one of several advancements in Chiropractic has been the development of Biometric Scanners such as the MYOVISION Static sEMG.

The highly sensitive (surface electromyography) probes of this device accurately measure the electrical activity of the paraspinal muscles whilst weight bearing. It effectively provides a quantifiable means of showing a patient what we feel with our hands. Simply put, it is an electronic form of palpation. The device effectively and scientifically measures the muscular response to spinal subluxation and shows the results, in an easy to understand graphic at the levels of muscle tension about the spine. All patients at our centre receive MYOVISION scans as part of either a Spinal Health Check or New Patient Consultation, and at various intervals throughout their care which enables us to obtain objective baseline and comparative data, to monitor a patient’s progress over the course of their treatment.

Although Chiropractic is an amazing & natural way to cure or manage bio-mechanical conditions… our Team at the ‘Jersey Chiropractic Centre’ believe that Chiropractic is about so much more than that just pain management. Although most patients come to us initially in some degree of pain many come to realise that Chiropractic is in the longer term more about LIFESTYLE… It is about moving better, having more energy, feeling stronger, becoming more active… It is about optimising your body so that you can live to your full potential. It is about asking yourself one simple question… “How do I want to Feel..?”

As amazing as Chiropractic is we recognise that it does not have all the answers, nor should it. Acknowledging this fact, we were compelled to offer our patients and clients an all-encompassing holistic approach to Chiropractic care. This has been achieved by partnering with over 15 specialised Instructors & Therapists whom offer a wide range of additional services and therapies i.e. (Chiropractic, Health & Mindset Coaching, Hydrotherapy (f l o a t S P A), Massage, Psychotherapy (Counselling), Specialist Skin Care, Sports Therapy). Additionally, the beautifully designed ‘Wellness Studio’ enables all clients to receive specialised tuition (Group or Private classes) from in Mindfulness, Personal Training, Yoga, Pilates & Kinetic Therapy.


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