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Wellness Studio Schedule of Fees


Prior to participating in private or group sessions each new participant must register with the Centre and complete a Health Declaration Form. This process ensures that our Team is fully aware of each individual’s health goals, existing medical conditions, and that any exercise undertaken is appropriate for each individual.N.B. – The above registration process is not required for any existing patients or clients of the The Wellness Centre (Castle Quay).

Please note that we operate a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. Appointments that are cancelled within this time or missed may be charged for. Please help us to keep our fees lower for you and all our clients by settling your account at the time of each visit.

Yoga & Pilates Group Classes
Session Type Fees
Single Class £ 10.00
10 Classes (Pre-paid) £ 90.00
20 Classes (Pre-paid – includes one FREE f l o a t S P A session) £ 180.00
Yin Yoga Workshop
Session Type & Length Fees
Yin Yoga Theoretical & Practical 2 Hour Introductory / Refresher Workshop £ 20.00
Yoga & Kinetic Therapy
(Private Sessions)
Session Type & Length Fees
Consultations (90 minutes) £ 65.00
1:1 Follow-up Class (60 minutes) £ 50.00
Session Type & Length Fees
Consultation (90 minutes) £ 65.00
1:1 Yoga Class (60 minutes) £ 50.00
*£ 10.00 per additional student*
*All equipment needed is included.*
Session Type & Length Fees
1:1 Sessions (60 minutes) £ 60.00
Personal Training, Fitness & Mobility
Session Type Fees
Individual 1 x 45 minute session
Additional participants – max total 6 per group
£ 50.00
£10 each
Individual 1 x 45 minute weekly session – per month
Additional participants – max total 6 per group
£ 200.00
£40 each
Individual 2 x 45 minute weekly session – per month
Additional participants – max total 6 per group
£ 350.00
£105 each
(NB existing shared pt 2 persons 4 sessions £ 160.00
90 day bespoke package (1 person) £ 1100.00
90 day bespoke package (2 persons) £ 1440.00

Package details:

Our 90 Day Fitness transformation package is designed for people who are ready to commit to making a positive change in their physical fitness, mobility, strength and energy levels.

It addresses any mobility issues, weight management, reduces stress, increases self-confidence and self-esteem and builds new fitness and eating habits into your life.

This package is an Ideal introduction to long-term health and fitness, or can be used as a “booster” for those already on the path.

The weekly personal training sessions provide real results and accountability while still fitting around your busy schedule and our included, “Accountability Challenges” mean that you can fit in fun additional exercise between sessions.

Nutrition guidance and food diary assessments help you pinpoint any dietary habits that might hamper your success, while personalised goal identification ensures that you discover exactly what you are trying to achieve and the best way to get there.

Support, accountability and tracking form a major part of the program, allowing us to tailor our services as required to ensure you get the best possible results in the shortest possible time.
This package includes:

● 3 x 30 mins or 2 x 45 min Personal Training sessions per week
● Weekly Accountability Challenges
● Weight & Measurement Progress Tracking (optional)
● Tailored Nutrition Guidance (optional)
● Weekly Food Diary Assessment (optional)
● Personalised goal identification, tracking, review and analysis
● Unlimited email/message based support